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Vista Firewall Control

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Vista Firewall Control

Post by Computer Guru on Fri Jun 12, 2009 10:49 pm

If you want true outbound firewall protection for your 32-bit Vista PC, use this to help manage Vista's built-in firewall.

has been touting the new Windows Firewall in Windows Vista, which it
says for the first time includes an outbound filter as well as an
inbound filter. Outbound filters are important, because if you've been
infected with a Trojan or similar software, it makes an outbound
connection without your knowledge, letting someone else take control of
your PC.

Unfortunately, the outbound filter in Windows Vista is,
in essence, turned off by default. And as a practical matter, it's
impossible to manually configure it to block malware making outbound
connections. That's where the free Vista Firewall Control comes in.
Install it, and whenever an application tries to access the Internet, a
screen pops up, with the application name, the publisher, and similar
information, as well its path and file name. You can enable or disable
inbound or outbound connections it tries to make, either permanently,
or just this one time.

Download: [Vista 32bit]


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