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Secret Disk

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Secret Disk

Post by Computer Guru on Sat Jun 20, 2009 11:19 am

Secret Disk is software to create secure hard disk
on your computer which may be locked and unlocked with a password to
store your private files. When locked Secret Disk doesn’t appear in
Windows system and completely invisible with all contents.
When unlocked Secret Disk appears as usual (one more) hard disk on
your PC. You can keep any files and folders there as usual. Works with
any third-party software, games and media, and no additional hardware


  • Separate disk for your private files - this tool will create separate disk for your private files.
  • Access with a password - you can access Secret Disk with a password only!
  • Locking - when locking secret disk disappears and stays invisible with all contents.
  • One second protection - when you need protection Secret Disk
    disappears within one second with all content, no metter how many files
    you have on the disk.
  • Power failure - in case of power (or Windows) failure Secret Disk will be automatically locked.
  • Automatic locking - Secret Disk can be automatically locked if you
    away from your PC (screensaver is running) or when you press emergency
    F8 button.
  • No hardware - no additional hardware required! Space for secret disk will be taken from your system disk.

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